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“Eco-friendly” STEEL

Steel used in the production of our furniture comes from verified sources of distributors in Poland and abroad (EU). As an extremely durable – and to a large extent recycled – material, it is an ecological solution realized in the spirit of sustainable development….
Constant control of quality, production parameters allows us to maintain high standards of our offer, repetition of selected patterns, as well as design and implementation of non-standard elements. This is because we prepare all of these on an individual basis. So we can easily help you with the right selection of loft doors and walls, steel furniture , decorations and more.

Steel or cast steel?

Thanks to its natural properties, steel – a refined iron-carbon alloy of varying proportions – has had a not inconsiderable impact on the development of civilization over the centuries. Easier to obtain and process, it displaced bronze, ending its era in the history of the world. Eventually, it found widespread use in many branches of the modern economy! Today, therefore, it is present as one of the basic materials used in heavy industry, automotive, electric power. Its role in surgery, gastronomy, construction and architecture is also not insignificant. Plus the vastness of design products….

Steel is also an alloy of the mentioned elements. The difference here, however, is the usually lower carbon content of the composition and the lack of heat treatment. It is without it that real steel is not made! Steel also has lower mechanical properties than it, resulting precisely from the use of appropriate technological processes.

The main parameters considered for steel alloys, which determine its purpose, are mainly elasticity and tensile strength, ductility, toughness, hardness and also weldability. Resistance to external factors such as temperature, contact with others that cause chemical and atmospheric corrosion is also not without significance.

Keep in mind that any metal components used outdoors usually require additional manufacturing treatments and proper ongoing maintenance. Today, however, it is not the slightest problem!

Steel years

Steel furniture is undoubtedly an original solution for many years. Heavy and robust structures made of metal are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, original aesthetics and selected finishing options. Raw matte, degrees of polished gloss, paints and varnishes, specialized patinas or brushed, hammered, natural rust effects… It’s a matter of choice!

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Being interior furnishings, stored in the right conditions (room) and subjected to proper maintenance, steel furniture maintains its parameters performing its role perfectly, giving the space a unique loft or industrial character. So it’s not surprising to see an ever-growing number of their lovers! And we are talking here not only about the interiors of private apartments or apartments arranged with them, but also popular commercial spaces – stores, restaurants, hotels, other service facilities. After all, who among us does not associate the old factories of New York City inhabited by the local bohemia? Who hasn’t also visited at least once a stylish bakery full of industrial decorations? And although we don’t often pay attention to what’s around us on a daily basis – one thing is certain! We successfully use, love accessories, steel furniture!

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