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One of the most popular ways to finish a surface is to paint, varnish it. Depending on the properties and expected effects, many types of paint are available, which we successfully use in the production of our solutions – doors and furniture. A different effect is obtained by using transparent agents – oils, waxes and varnishes – different by finishing the surface with colored stains and oil stains, paints with a dedicated degree of coverage….

Modern technology

Most of the color elements available in our offer (made of steel) are finished using the popular powder coating technology, ensuring even coverage, good resistance, high smoothness – the best quality of the painted surface.

The process itself involves evenly (electrostatically or electrokinetically) spraying colored powder onto a surface using a specialized spray gun. Although this technology is typically used for metal work, it is far more versatile. It is also perfect for painting wood, MDF furniture boards, and, less frequently, ceramics or glass.

Loft French Double Window – color according to RAL 5002 Ultramarine pattern

In two ways

An important issue here is the proper preparation of the painted elements – their thorough cleaning by sandblasting, degreasing, removing dust particles and dust. It is also a regular practice to prepare an anti-corrosion layer to protect the surface from the harmful effects of external factors. Thus, this parameter is worth paying special attention to when selecting outdoor items, constantly exposed to changing weather conditions….

In the case of electrostatic powder coating , it is necessary to use additional tools and equipment that produce a negative charging effect on the paint particles. These, thanks to the presence of an electrostatic field generated – by a positively charged surface – settle down
on it regularly and tightly adhering form an opaque layer of the chosen color.
Electrokinetic powder coating, on the other hand, relies on compressed air to create a charge in the paint particles. The process therefore relies on the kinetic energy generated….
Using this technology, therefore, no electrostatic field is generated between the paint particles and the painted surface, the positive charge generates a process of progressive friction of the settling dye during painting.
The parts covered (in one of the above ways) with paint go into a special oven, which brings about the melting of the powder during the polymerization process, with a constant circulation of hot air. A smooth and uniform coating is formed.

The advantages alone

The undoubted advantage of powder coating is the absence of harmful substances in the paint composition
As well as its high efficiency itself – so the solution is definitely eco-friendly! This is valuable especially in terms of protecting the health of later users and also the environment itself!
The surface covered by this method is free of deformation, as the coating does not usually have streaks. The color is evenly distributed, which directly affects the corresponding quality and aesthetics of the finished piece. With this solution, we can get a matte or glossy surface, completely smooth or structured multiplying the possibilities of choice….

What is important?
When deciding on powder-coated doors or furniture, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the available color patterns. These vary depending on the target material of manufacture and the purpose of the product. Sometimes the same color (as well as the shade itself) looks different on different primers, the end result is sometimes surprising. To reduce technological problems and lead times – on offer STRONGROOM is therefore based on the popular RAL Classic palette. It allows us to maintain adequate availability and variety of our products and, with it, customer satisfaction and satisfaction (also in the event of unforeseen amendments or later additions).

About the theory and history of color… more in the future! A lot of it, and some of the tidbits can be really intriguing…. So follow us, take a look at our resources!

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