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swinging door
Important information

We do not take responsibility for the installation of a door frame that has lost its original form as a result of incorrect, such as over-tightening to an uneven frame

Measurement of swinging doors
Measure the height and width of the door opening

(subtract at least 1 cm from the width and 0.5 cm from the height from the resulting dimensions)

Check whether the door opening has significant discrepancies in dimensions at different heights, if so, be guided by the smallest dimension obtained.

Insert the door frame into the door opening
Level the door frame and lock it in place

Level the frame and block it firmly on all sides with mounting wedges, so that you can mark the drilling points through the pre-prepared holes. Put the door leaf gently on the locked frame and check if you are able to open and close the door normally. If you notice that the door sash hooks in some place gently correct the position of the door frame. Remember that our doors are a craftsman product, hand-welded, the correct position of the door frame may differ slightly from the level indications.

Mark with a pencil the points where the holes are to be drilled
Pull the door frame out of the door opening
Drill holes for the dowels at the marked locations

(If the door frame structure is made of wood, the use of dowels is not required. The door frame can be bolted to the wooden substrate)

Insert the frame and tighten the screws at the peg points

Insert the door frame, place the mounting wedges again in the selected places and tighten the screws at the stud points. Remember that the face of the frame must form an even plane. Bolts should not be over-tightened, if the wall is not level, these places should be secured with adjustment wedges for installation.

Hang the door leaf on the door frame at an angle of at least 90 degrees
Fill the gap between the wall and the frame with elastic compound

(e.g., with acrylic or mounting foam)

Measurement and installation instructions
Download PDF with instructions for swinging doors
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