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Some time ago, an article appeared on the Weranda portal: Industrial and loft style in interiors – how to combine modernity with classics? The entry touched on the most important distinctive features of loft style and was inspired by our very furniture. Today we would like to expand a bit on the topic and answer questions that just as often arise when decorating a loft-style apartment. We invite you to read and share your insights, regarding interior design in this particular style.

Loft style in a small apartment – is it possible?

Such a task is, of course, feasible, although the very results of the activities of arranging a small loft-style interior may vary. This is primarily a matter of design awareness and experience in the work, but also the availability of materials, furniture and decorations… For it is not always possible, especially without the support of a professional, to achieve the desired results with limited resources, and it is worth remembering this.

Associated with coarse equipment, the austere spaces of large-scale production halls and workshops have their own unique atmosphere. That’s why there are so many lovers and followers of them! Thus, in a small apartment, it is not worth pretending something that is doomed to failure. However, this does not mean completely abandoning elements of the style that we particularly like. In everything, including interior design, a healthy… compromise counts. In your Home we should feel comfortable, at ease, the space should be functional for us and above all safe. So if we “fall in love” with an industrial closet reminiscent of memories of grandpa’s workshop, and the big doors straight from the barn “open” us to childhood vacations of years ago… we absolutely do not give up on them!

Let’s choose solutions wisely. Let’s focus in such a situation on good quality (thus our well-being for months, years to come!) and attractive form. This will also delight our guests, and give the small interior a bit of the expected atmosphere … such “eclecticism applied”. Diffused light, elements of raw steel, “live” wood, worn upholstery or nubuck leather on furniture, plus the right colors, flavors and smells… – it can’t go wrong.

Colors in the loft interior

The industrial revolution has led to irreversible changes in the functioning of almost the entire world! Of course, in all this new frenzy, efforts were made to plan and design not only more goods or solutions, but also to improve the quality of human labor and create friendly spaces for it. Employees were supposed to be more satisfied, and thus more productive in the performance of their daily duties… Thus, places are still being created that are conducive to taking advantage of the break, recuperating, improving the mood and well-being of employees. The trend here, however, is usually the opposite. “Cool” and restrained business interiors are increasingly complemented by elements straight from the cozy comforts of home, including comfortable furniture, plants, importantly also access to fresh air and sunlight… In opposition to the “darkness” mentioned in the question – bright and casual colors conducive to relaxation precisely!

Dark and mysterious interiors are largely a commercial vision of the style in question. The aftermath of the art of black and white photography, numerous stylings on the part of marketing specialists, the vision of designers offering “something different” and devoid of perfect rules… in a big way, of course! Imagine all those workers in dark and dirty (after)factory “dachas” – after all, it didn’t look like that at all! Colors have always and everywhere accompanied us – more or less consciously smuggled into interiors. Industrial style is not only the darkness of the underground of the mines! Let’s not be afraid to experiment in our immediate environment. Especially when many industry professionals come to our aid… with a full palette of colors to (appropriately) choose from.

What is the difference between loft style and industrial style?

There seems to be no clear answer to this question – for many, especially in Poland, they are primarily synonyms. Following the definition of the Polish language dictionary – loft means as much as a factory hall adapted into an artist’s apartment or studio. And there it is! And yet, as users of space, passionate about design or architecture, we generalize the concept. We relate its meaning to the general interiors deliberately stylized as post-industrial, that is, full of elements precisely familiar to us from factories, factories, shipyards, railroad facilities, etc. When we say “loft” we think of raw concrete ceilings with exposed plumbing, brick walls or large, drab windows in black steel frames, obligatorily with muntins – fixed in our consciousness mainly thanks to interiors known from American TV series….

So it is worth remembering that today loft style is definitely a more purposeful presentation than the original interiors of years ago. The current ones often have little to do with our associations anymore… These I would just call industrial = industrial. This concept evolves with the development of the special needs of the facility’s architecture, production technology and the work culture of a place of this type – currently meaning no less than the same regardless of the passing of time….

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