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Modern and versatile – loft glazing – is one of the interior signs of our time. They divide and yet unite, create functional spaces where we can be alone with each other, to exchange a moment later a communicative glance… on both sides.

The glass wall ceased to be a fad, a luxury – an indicator of a modern view of interior design – only for the wealthier… Today, each of us can actually afford an interesting solution in his apartment or house. A dividing loft wall, a glass door with or without a fanlight, or perhaps another detail of similar design, is no longer a problem. Available almost off-the-shelf, although usually on request – with personalized dimensions, type of glazing, color – they increasingly complement our interiors by giving them character.

Once from the grand open space of an old loft, at other times in a smaller studio apartment – interior glazing becomes more than just decoration. Properly designed allows you to control them, functionally divide them into successive zones, often with distinctly different purposes. And while it is easier to arrange reasonably a large square meter, problems often arise on this small one, of which volume is precisely not the most important one….

Aiming to provide adequate comfort in our surroundings, we build them in accordance with previous experience, our own knowledge and the knowledge of those whose opinion we particularly care about… Even the smallest kitchens, therefore, we try to arrange them in such a way that everything we need is within our reach, at least a small table stands in an important – if not the most important – place, the whole space is friendly and bright! And although we value privacy above all, with those closest to us we shorten the distance to a minimum, we want to stay in constant contact, even if it were to be a brief exchange of communicative glances… Words are not always necessary.

Thus, thanks to the solution of the loft wall, we can keep an “eye” on the children playing right next door or the unruly pet, everything that may require our control. Thus, on the one side of it, daily duties can be realized successfully, and on the other, the best fun can continue!

Moving on, although going back a bit into the past, one can recall the (at one time most fashionable) luxaffins. Yes! This original solution – usually with an extremely coarse, unattractive form – provided everything we realize today in a decidedly simpler and equally designer way. By introducing a narrower, yet stable and extremely durable, steel and glass structure, we not only save space inside, we illuminate the “blind” kitchen. With a loft wall, we can also completely separate a small bathroom, when its muntins are filled with milk glass; while in a large bath room, we can only obscure the bathtub, walk-in cabin discreetly. Such ot a shower wall! You certainly won’t run out of ideas for arrangements! This is because they will also work right next door, further fencing off a small sleeping area from inside the living room, a dressing room from the hallway, a conservatory from the rest of the house. Regardless of the configuration ultimately chosen – fixed wall, sliding or swinging doors, functional windows – natural light will reach every nook and cranny improving our mood and well-being… And this is, after all, the most important thing when we have a direct impact on our surroundings!

So what about in the commercial space? After all, someone is creating it for us, for us… He puts it back ready to use and watches our reactions. Yes, that’s right! Hence even more possibilities, space for original ideas using interior glazing.

Who among us has not encountered at least once spectacular glazing in a hotel or office, conference or display “aquariums”, showcases, screens, etc.? The loft wall seems to be often irreplaceable here. And it is not at all just about the possibility of adjusting the size, color of such a shutter. These can be composed at will with the other elements of the found interior. After all, the final effect, the global impression is also created by furniture and decorations, textiles, plant compositions. In public spaces, the glass wall gains additional functions – it becomes a carrier of information, another more or less exposed advertising plane… Exactly! A discreet logo, a short advertising slogan, topped with ornamental glass, gilding the frame draws attention and is memorable – especially for retailers, when they like to feel surrounded by a bit of luxury.

So whether the loft wall is spotted sipping hot chocolate in a stylish pump room, a favorite beer in an old character brewery, or perhaps flipping through a colorful magazine while waiting in line to see a specialist – many of the designers’ goals will be achieved in concert with our own comfort….

That’s the kind of business you should keep in mind here too, use interesting solutions and design tricks! For more look into our upcoming blog posts….

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