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Special things need the right setting… And it doesn’t matter whether they have value to a stranger or are just another unnecessary item. If we are connected to them in any way, we want to surround ourselves with them – to remember people and situations, the context, to feel their positive energy right next to us. There is no simpler – and often more attractive – solution than LOFT FRENCH glass display cases.

Each of us has something that we want to hide from the eyes of others, or, on the contrary, boast about it by displaying it in a place of honor in our interior. Once it’s a family heirloom with which we have a special sentimental connection, sometimes it’s a photo or a whole album of them. It also happens to be an objectively valuable item that will not be bought or finding it in any offer borders on the miraculous… So unique it deserves a proper setting, a presentation that will not only emphasize its value, but also become its own space. In such a place – for example, in a glass display case – all attention will then be focused on what we care most about. The “treasure” itself, however, will not be exposed to accidental destruction or even…. ordinary dirt.

The art of choice

Who among us has never encountered a glass sideboard or display case – a piece of furniture where functional and visually appealing storage is a priority? Ot such a touch of luxury!
For centuries, people have been collecting objects. They value them by hiding them or, on the contrary, putting them on display. And while not everyone will certainly have the opportunity to see the crown jewels in their full glory and splendor, their own valuables can be presented in a similar fashion on the spot.
While some choose stylish antiques for this purpose, others opt for solutions with a decidedly simpler, modern form – more versatile, available without much difficulty.
LOFT FRENCH glass display cases turn out to be the perfect solution for just such a case! The often limited space of the interior, many diverse elements of its equipment, a multitude of juxtaposed colors and textures – can be quite a challenge, when in all this chaos to exist and prevail is primarily TA one thing, without which everything else loses its meaning… This is, of course, a humorous approach to the subject of storage, but certainly it is reason that must prevail over emotions. The environment we create for ourselves is supposed to be safe and functional.

Loft French

Many ideas and inspiration on the topic can be found online. Numerous TV shows, color magazines, industry events, etc. come to the rescue. As a manufacturer of original furniture, we too present our designs in the loft style, a favorite for many, or the slightly heavier and bolder industrial style. The black glass showcase from the Loft French collection is the flagship product from STRONGROOM, which has already found its way into many a home or office…. There, it not only pleases the eye of satisfied customers, but along with its contents, it occupies that special place in their space….

So it’s not surprising that this piece of furniture becomes a modern bookcase, stores piles of documents, sometimes also trinkets, which someone glances at again and again… Smaller or larger, standing or in the form of a wall-hung loft display cabinet in good style also presents, more than once, your favorite tableware, fashionable again and coveted by design connoisseurs crystals or collections of souvenirs from exceptional trips. In one clothing store, it even serves as an indestructible display! After all, it doesn’t matter whether it goes into the living room, furnishes the dining room or perhaps the kitchen. Whether privately or commercially, it always works perfectly! Made of high-quality steel, complemented with the right types of safety glass, finished in a dedicated black or custom color, it fits perfectly into the visions of interior designers and owners. It’s here, it’s there! Questions about further solutions are increasing….

The ground is cooperation

Those who work with us are eager to share their realizations, proud of the results – along with greetings – send more photos. And we pass them on, including to you… We suggest how you can arrange your surroundings in loft style with our help and, above all, a wide range of solutions. Loft French, after all, is not just one or the other glass display case, but also comprehensive loft door and wall solutions. Introduced into the interiors as a set, they create a coherent character of the interiors, provide satisfaction and high comfort of use for many years….

It’s definitely worth seeing for yourself! We share this joy and praise it further….

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