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Wherever space is limited and the connection of floors is essential – the spiral staircase will find its use.

Interior staircases differ significantly. There are many solutions available on the market that offer metal stairs, which we also have at Strongroom. Of the varied designs, such as, for example, straight single-run or double-run staircases, staircases with a procedure or spiral staircase, we focus on the latter. Thanks to them, we are successfully completing more interior projects for our clients – especially those with limited space.


Wherever every inch of space really matters with help comes a solution that is gaining a growing number of lovers – and not only loft style! After all, the spiral staircase fits perfectly into almost any space – from ultra-modern, where ascetic simplicity is often the basis of the design, to stylized interiors with dedicated decorative elements, details that build the right mood….

The circles inscribed in the plan can have a small diameter – the narrowest as small as 100 cm! However, when deciding on them, it is necessary to take into account a number of aspects of use, which over time may be associated with certain inconveniences… Unfortunately, on this type of spiral staircase we will not bring larger dimensions! And this is probably the most common problem of the solution in question. When furnishing the target mezzanine or small basement, to which this one winding road leads, certain activities must be planned quite a bit earlier – even before the structure is installed. The communication itself will not actually be a nuisance later on.

Therefore, this definitely does not mean a reason to give up on this extremely interesting often idea… On the contrary! Made entirely of steel, the indoor winding staircase is a functional solution for years to come! High-quality materials, simple design that does not require specialized, complicated and time-consuming installation are only advantages! Dedicated primarily to loft or industrial style interiors, they are a classic solution on the (already mentioned) circular plan, based on the installation of successive steps, separated and stabilized by spacers, on a central supporting pillar. This one is made entirely from a single casting! This is important primarily for safety reasons. We also take care of them with a properly prepared balustrade to ensure free movement of the flight of stairs – regardless of its final width.

Importantly, the EIFFLA Strongroom metal spiral staircase remains resistant to use – dents, scratches and other mechanical damage. Therefore, without much concern, they can be subjected to daily care during standard cleaning. Dedicated equipment or resources are unnecessary here. This saves not only time, but also money.

The essence of design

A winding staircase is an extremely versatile solution for design reasons as well. After all, the functional and spatial layout of a development does not always determine the only right solution related to the location of the circulation path between floors. Narrower or wider, right or left, they then fit perfectly into the plan allowing further work on the arrangement of the target space. Thanks to the dimensions adopted, the color scheme chosen, more or less steeped in form, they can be its important compositional accent. On the contrary, they can also be inscribed as unobtrusively as possible in the interior, so that they “disappear” in a well-thought-out space with other qualities exposed with special care… It is primarily a matter of ingenuity and proper implementation of the vision of the designer or his client, the target user of the interior.

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