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As well as other materials used in the production of furniture brand Strongroom wood is also sourced in accordance with applicable regulations – regulations and standards of international law. We create all wood products legally from its very preparation to its final distribution to the market.

As a widely used material with certain properties and diverse characteristics, it perfectly complements our products giving them a unique character, exceptional quality and desirable aesthetics in vintage, loft or industrial style. Anyway… Check it out for yourself!

The brand’s offer includes furniture made entirely of wood (occasionally supplemented with wood-based elements – furniture board, veneer, etc.) or prepared on the basis of steel elements finished with boarding, other details made of solid wood.

Thanks to the selected properties of the subsequent tree species, we focus our attention in projects on pine – easily available and susceptible to processing, providing a range of finishing options in the characteristic and extremely popular rustic, Scandinavian style – and oak, as one of the noblest, with high performance, durability and quality of harvested wood.

Pine (not so) common

The widespread use of pine in the woodworking, carpentry industry is a common practice, based primarily on the presence of native raw material, not only locally, but almost all over the world, where there is this tree with usually low habitat requirements and high growth strength. The wood of this coniferous species is therefore well known, thanks to its characteristic structure and pale yellow color recognizable at a glance! Although cheap and lightweight, it is also relatively strong, resilient (classified as medium-hard) is therefore probably the most popular choice – taking into account here, of course, the proper selection and processing of the material itself. Among the species, Common Pine, also known as Common Pine, is definitely the leader here.

The undeniable advantage of pine wood is also its easy finish and the lack of special requirements for the maintenance and use of floors, doors or furniture made from it.
And then there’s that price…. definitely competitive! No wonder, then, that we can still successfully visit interiors made entirely of pine, such as, for example, historic cottages “from under the Samiśnich Tater”….

Oak not only Polish

In the case of oak – rightly perceived as a synonym for durability, nobility – its main advantages are its high hardness and strength, relatively easy processing and, above all, its unique grain and deep colors. For this one changes over time, acquires class, increases the market value of oak furnishings, which is sometimes worth remembering…. Properly cared for wood products of this species successfully serve successive generations of users. They decorate and furnish interiors testifying not only to the good taste of the owners – they are often a testimony of respect for local traditions and the culture of the place. You probably know the atmosphere of the old Polish manor houses?

For shopping

When deciding on the purchase of your choice, keep in mind that wooden products are badly affected by frequent contact with water, changes in temperature or direct exposure to sunlight. As usual, however, there are exceptions, including. exotic species, and to a large extent our native oak. The fantastically fashionable and versatile pine unfortunately has to give way…. Regularly cleaned and treated Quercus – oiled, waxed, or varnished, depending on the technology chosen and the desired effect – is sure to retain its properties for a long time. If there is minor surface damage, sanded, refilled and re-finished, it delights with its original charm. So let’s remember to refinish floors and wooden furniture made of it instead of throwing it away wasting not only money, but also making a real impact on the environment.

The essence of choices, decisions on wood products is therefore both environmental awareness and the price of the raw material itself. Compared to the aforementioned pine, the value of oak is significantly higher. You don’t have to be a professional at all to be aware of this. This condition is dictated not only by the parameters of the wood, but mainly by its more limited availability, the growth cycle of the tree and the locations of its natural… Happy, then, are those who are given the opportunity to admire the majesty of the old oak trees during long walks.
After all, respect for Nature is respect for ourselves – this should always be kept in mind!

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