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Characteristically aged or altered only by time? Naturally colored or perhaps modified? Lacquered, oiled or waxed… Wood, as it is referred to, is perfectly suited to loft style interiors. It brings friendly warmth to them, softens the rigid framework of details, and gives the cozy atmosphere that we so long for… A wall finished in brick, a floor of raw concrete, a leather sofa and a bookcase made of steel profiles complemented by natural wood – a quick and effective idea for arranging even a small space in the spirit of a modern loft!

Continuing the theme of loft shelves raised a week ago, it is impossible not to mention another solution from Strongroom’s offer. Collection Wood Frame along with the already well-known and popular construction of steel frames and profiles, for it also introduces natural oak wood of high selection grade. Aesthetically finished its elements – shelves, fronts or entire carcasses – from the threshold draw attention with restrained elegance, which, regardless of the chosen style, should create the impression of a coherent and thoughtful (also in detail) interior. This is also what professionalism is all about!

After all, nothing pleases us more than the proper presentation of our immediate space, where we feel comfortable and safe, surrounded by objects of good quality, unpretentious form and timeless value…. Wood Frame So it completes it not only with a hanging shelf, steel profile rack, but also more models of desks and consoles, coffee benches. So using the collection we will successfully furnish not only the living room, teenager’s room, bedroom. We will also prepare a home office or library. As usual, there are plenty of arrangement possibilities!

It’s good!

Browsing through more websites, publications in the trade press, we often see proposals similar to ours. Poles love modern interiors created with versatile and relatively accessible furniture, accessories and decorations. And then there’s our style…. Loft, variations on a theme…. It’s good!
Therefore, we take special care in contacting our customers by fulfilling further orders – exclusively within the country! We control the process from the very beginning to the final piece of furniture delivered to the site. It is also worth remembering that we make all the furniture by hand! Welded parts, like the shelves, tops or other components that are assembled to them one by one, are prepared and realized by workers who constantly monitor progress. Effectively respond to emergencies… This way, we don’t waste precious time. We minimize the risk of further problems.

Not surprisingly, the popular collection of Wood Frame reaches not only the homes of individual customers. We are increasingly encountering its use in commercial interior projects. That’s where our small desks and, above all, just steel profile racks go, showing the greatest resistance to intensive use! Thus, our portfolio includes the realization of openwork walls, displays for books and promotional materials in the space of hotel lobbies, several solutions in school common rooms and even in the space of clothing stores. Indeed, the already classic juxtaposition of the honey shade of oak with black steel fits in regardless of where and when it is used.

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